Vitamin C Rejuvenation
Serum for Face and Neck

benemedioAcidum Ascorbikum 5 %

benemedioProteoglycans 3 %

benemedioRosa Moschata Oil 0,3 %

benemedio10 ampules for topical use in the cartoon

from Nature

Benemedio 301 contains special natural components which improve skin condition trough nourishement. Proteoglycans are natural substances produced by all mammalian cells, which are the components ...

Healthy Skin
and Appearance

Healthy young skin is smooth and firm, without blemishes, spots and wrinkles. It adopts to changes of temperature and humidity and reacts properly with the right care ...

FaQs about Benemedio 301

How can I use the ampules?
Use of the ampoules is simple. You may apply formula in four steps: 1 Shake the vial and insert it inside of the plastic at the narrowest part of the vial ...